La Mer

Back to my state of mind series (I am setting a goal of trying to have an average of one print per week just taking a snapshot of my thoughts and mood at an individual instance in time. I am very laid-back, but have a vivid imagination and internal dialogue. It will take me places where maybe I really would not want to go in real life, some that are all too familiar or maybe some I dream of visiting but have not yet hit upon. I am going to try not to talk about where my mind was when I post each individual image, because our associations are so personal that abstract or even very literal work can take on many meanings to different people and may not even read the same way when we look on a different day or time. My thought is why guide anyone to where my thoughts were whenever they can take their own voyage? I would just be limiting the viewer's creativity to interpret a work, which is definitely not my goal. That said, I hope you enjoy!

7.5 x 10 inches on heavy watercolor paper.
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