Pain and Relief

Digital Monotype on cream Rives RFK paper These two images are a result of an injury (I fractured my rib), the initial pain med that did not work and finally finding one that did. I have joked that you could call the series pain and percocet, but the underlying feelings are more than that. Injuring a rib is awful because you can not stop breathing so therefore, everything hurts - a breathing, a cough, forgetting that you can not reach with your arm, even just trying to get into bed in a comfortable position was excruciating. I won't even go into how a sneeze feels! When I had the med that did not work well with my body chemistry, it was bad enough that I literally had the sweats and was so short of breath that I bordered on hyperventilating. I had read so many articles on how awful this particular injury is that I thought it was just supposed to be that way. Thankfully when I followed up with my family doctor, he recognized that the pain relief was inadequate and explained that some drugs just do not work for some people while a closely related variant will have excellent results. We switched meds and it brought so much relief! I could finally do my deep breaths every hour without feeling like I was going to drop over from pain! Of course it still hurt, but the amount of pain was finally manageable, which was a dramatic relief! Anyhow, these are not meant as literal representations of what I went through, rather a representation of some of my mental states and feelings during the ordeal. You can read into them however you like.

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